About Filo Rosso

Filo Rosso: the common thread running through a movie, a book series, etc., or one’s life; literally “red thread.” We all have a red thread weaving through our lives. Look back at turning points, highlights, crossroads, or the interests that you followed and the people that you loved, and you’ll find a common factor that ties them all–or many of them–together.

Maybe you have several red threads, or maybe one that flows into another.

The red thread helps you form a narrative about your life and make sense of what’s happened to you, how your experiences have changed you, and where you might be headed.

Many of my articles, essays, and blog posts come about because I’ve recognized the filo rosso that ties this moment to that, and together they form a connection with greater meaning. Or, at least something compelling enough to write about.

Love for Italy and Anthropology Food Culture course in Florence  Food Culture & Communications Master’s from UNISG Writing about wine PR career in wine in NYC. Through all this, writing: personal essays, informative articles, and always some fiction on the side.

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4 thoughts on “About Filo Rosso

  1. Looking forward to following your adventures and seeing what craft beer you find! I kind of gave up on it…as craft beer has slowly gained a following in Italy, I’ve slowly lost my craving for craft beer and finally switched over to wine, ha! Oh well. But maybe your blog will inspire me to balance between the two. 🙂


  2. Italy and beer? Why haven’t I known about your exsistance before today!?!?!?!

    We should buy SmartBoxes and use them at a meet up point in Northern Italy. Melaverda is always suggesting places with artisanal beer…I drool after ever episode!

    Jokes aside, I love that you love beer and you live in nothern Italy! Evviva!


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