Insider's Guide to a Day in Turin

The Grand Wine Tour | Insider’s guide to a day in Turin

I’m often asked, “I’m coming into Turin for a day, what can I do when I’m there?” When I can’t convince them they should spend more time here, I hand over a list of sites they should see and where they should get gelato. I finally organized my top suggestions into a day guide for Turin, published on The Grand Wine Tour.

It’s a pretty packed day, meant for walkers. And there are plenty of suggestions for what to do should you change your mind and spend more time in Turin. Because really, you should.

Insider’s guide to a day in Turin

For travelers of the Grand Tour during the 18thcentury, Turin was often the first stop in Italy after crossing the Alps from Paris. Visitors admired the fairly recent Baroque buildings commissioned by the House of Savoy in the late 17th century. Throughout the 19th and 20thcenturies, iconic works like the Mole Antonelliana and Basilica Gran Madre di Dio were built, and Art Nouveau blossomed in architecture and design, with its delicate patterns and feminine figures.

That industrial, grey period that everyone once acquainted Turin with was actually just a passing stage…Now the world is remembering Turin’s splendor of the past. Very recently, it was Italy’s only city to be included on the New York Times’ must-see travel list of 2016. Yet even now, Turin is conspicuously absent from many travelers’ itineraries. If you find it squeezed into your trip as a bridge between the airport and enjoying a glass of Barolo in the nearby UNESCO Vineyard Landscape of the Langhe, Roero, and Monferrato, here’s how to make the most of it.

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6 thoughts on “The Grand Wine Tour | Insider’s guide to a day in Turin

  1. Ive just been for the Slow Food conference and had a lovely time. I particularly enjoyed the Borgo Medievale and aperitivi in this city. The tram system is brilliant although it was super busy at the conference, (I think tram 7 doesn’t run on weekdays, just the weekends), and the stretch of wonderfulness from the Royal palace, piazza castello, Carignano theatre all the way through to the Porto Nuova stazione was simply gorgeous. I’m envious of your home.


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