Mulled wine with port

Wine365 | Recipe for Mulled Wine with Port

I tried mulled wine in Austria for the first time, where it was ladled into paper cups and I wrapped my hands around it to warm my fingers while browsing the Christmas market. I was still in high school, so drinking wine on cobbled streets lined with snow was that much more delicious. Plus, as I’ve learned from mulling wine at home, by the time … Continue reading Wine365 | Recipe for Mulled Wine with Port

A Journey through Italy with Pasta

I’m going on a pasta journey to discover Italy’s cuisine.

Italy’s culinary diversity has always surprised me. I learned about it back in Italian classes in college before I’d studied abroad. “Every region has its own traditions and dishes,” our professor said. I understood her words, but I didn’t fully comprehend her meaning until I started living in Italy. Continue reading “A Journey through Italy with Pasta”